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Hot off the Press! Spring 2014 Fieldbus Report

Be sure to check out the newly released Fieldbus Report posted today! The bi-annual Fieldbus Report is your resource for all things FOUNDATION. It has the latest news, fieldbus solutions, programs and initiatives being developed by the Fieldbus Foundation. It also contains a comprehensive list of the latest registered fieldbus products so you can be sure you keep up to date with the latest technological advances.

ImageBe sure to grab a copy and read about the new Fieldbus Foundation Usability initiative we’ve been writing about! You can find the latest Fieldbus Report (as well as past versions) by going here: Fieldbus Report

Other stories include; 20th Anniversary Update, FDI, ROM, DSP, People in Fieldbus etc.

Fieldbus Foundation’s Usability Initiative Explained

As the Fieldbus Foundation continues to develop and release enhancements to our Technical Specifications, it is important we clearly emphasize to our audience the impact that these latest (and future) improvements will have on the user experience. Next week, we plan to announce the latest release of our FOUNDATION Technical Specifications (2014.1) which largely deals with enhancements to address new the usability of FOUNDATION fieldbus. Importantly, it also refines a few of the specifications in order to prepare for the first official FOUNDATION for Remote Operations Management device registrations.

Guided by the End User Advisory Council for the Fieldbus Foundation, the organization started an initiative to quickly begin work on the usability of the technology. As we all know from experience, usability is a key factor in technology adoption. Things that are hard to work with and understand tend to never gain the traction they may rightly deserve. I rather find the iPhone parable a great example to illustrate the point. When the original iPhone was released to great fanfare, it really did nothing special. Blackberry had been allowing emails on their devices for years, every Tom, Dick and Jane had a phone with a camera on it…so what was so special? The answer is the usability of the device. It was the pure and simple beauty in a handheld device that was intuitive and effective.

For those of you that attended the Honeywell User Group down in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago, I hope you had a chance to listen to Darie Dreptate’s (Fieldbus Foundation) talk on the usability initiative. I understand it was very well received.

I hate to spoil the whole message on usability so I’ll direct everyone to an article I wrote for Industrial Automation Asia for full details…and believe me it’s exciting stuff you want to read about. I’ll give you a few hints though… Backwards Compatibility, DD Templates, Automated Device Replacement and PV Interchangeability.

Check out the article starting on page 18:


All New Seminar Series in North America

The Fieldbus Foundation, and its sponsoring companies, are running their first North American seminar for 2014 next week on June 5, 2014. The seminar to-date has nearly 110 registered attendees. It’s going to be a great event.

In 2014, the seminar series was entirely revamped from scratch. We’ve got all new presentations, a new speaker, and most importantly an all new live-process demo. A core group of volunteers helped us at the Fieldbus Foundation build a really great demo that is most certainly going to impress attendees.

Image2014 Initial Setup & Testing Phase

The seminar is a full one day event that walks attendees through a project life-cycle from inception to completion. We talk about; how to select the right technology for your application, how important having your personnel trained before a project can generate huge ROIs down the road, how making informed decisions on the front-end reduces headaches on the back-end, how simplifying segment loading eases design stages, and how good installation practices reduce intermittent issues as the plant ages. Furthermore, we discuss the advances in device configuration and commissioning as well as how to make the biggest impact with FOUNDATION Fieldbus. I’ll give you a hint, it’s in the data! Attendees will learn the importance of taking full advantage of the advanced diagnostics inherent to FOUNDATION, and how Control in the Field can be a quarterly or yearly profit-saver by reducing unplanned shutdowns.

Calgary Seminar Agenda

These seminars host some of the most knowledgeable FOUNDATION fieldbus experts in North America so be sure to not miss out if we’ll be in your area! If we’re not coming to your area, be sure to email to request a visit!

The seminar also provides attendees with PDH certificates and a 10% discount for FOUNDATION Certified Training at any participating FCTP site in North America. We’ll even feed you all a nice lunch so be sure to come out and learn about the latest news and advice from the Fieldbus Foundation and its participating member companies.

A thanks goes out to all of our participation companies that help make these events possible and allow us to offer them free of charge to all of you. We’d also like to offer a special thanks to Mike Clark with BusCorp, Canada who has been instrumental in the design & setup of the new demo unit!

Be sure to REGISTER for our event in Calgary, and come see the latest technology from your suppliers (our sponsors)!


Central & Eastern Europeans Please Join Us!

The Fieldbus Foundation Central & Eastern European Marketing Committee will be hosting a FOUNDATION fieldbus event coming up on May 27th in Poland! If you’re in the area, be sure to attend. It’s FREE! Oh and don’t forget to spread the word!

The event will be hosted by members of the FFCEEMC and guest speaker Dr. Bindert Douma (certified FOUNDATION trainer – STC Group, Brielle, the Netherlands).

The comprehensive agenda of presentations in Polish or English language will include topics including an introduction to the FFCEEMC and the University of Miskolc certified training centre; an overview of FOUNDATION fieldbus – an automation infrastructure for operational excellence; lifecycle economics; planning and implementing fieldbus projects; explosion protection; FOUNDATION for Remote Operations Management; diagnostics and trouble-shooting; open discussions/question & answer session.

Go here for more information:


Calling all Czech Republicans! Fieldbus Seminar Headed Your Way May 13th

The Fieldbus Foundation Central and Eastern European Marketing Committee (FFCEEMC) is pleased to invite you to attend a FOUNDATION™ technology end user seminar on Tuesday 13 May, 2014, from 09.30 – 16.00 at:

Hotel Myslivna Brno
Nad Pisárkami 276/1
623 00 – Brno-Kohoutovice
Czech Republic
PSČ 623 00
IČ: 29265720
Tel: +420 547 107 111
Fax: +420 547 107 707

The event will be hosted by Mr Jozef Schulcz (Vice Chairman – FFCEEMC) and experts of the FFCEEMC who are delighted to welcome guest speakers Dr. Bindert Douma (certified FOUNDATION trainer – STC Group, Brielle, the Netherlands) and Mr József Subert (certified FOUNDATION trainer – University of Miskolc, Hungary). In addition to these FOUNDATION technology experts, end users are invited to share some personal project implementation experiences.

The comprehensive agenda of presentations and technology demonstrations will include:

• an introduction to the FFCEEMC
• an overview of FOUNDATION fieldbus – an automation infrastructure for operational excellence
• FOUNDATION fieldbus myths – and the reality!
• planning the fieldbus infrastructure (including explosion protection and safety instrumented functions)
• commissioning the hardware; implementing fieldbus projects; diagnostics and trouble-shooting
• an end user experience
• open discussion and question & answer session

In addition to the presentation programme, attendees will have the opportunity to discuss applications and suitable FOUNDATION solutions with representatives from several member companies during the breaks. There is no charge to attend this event and complimentary refreshments, buffet lunch and seminar materials will be provided. Every attendee will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the seminar.

The FFCEEMC includes representatives from major suppliers of control systems and instrumentation including Emerson Process Management, Endress+Hauser, Honeywell, MTL, Pepperl+Fuchs, R.Stahl, Turck and Yokogawa.

For more information about the FFCEEMC, its activities in the Central & Eastern European region, and local language user resources, visit the FFCEEMC webpages.

Please register your attendance at the end user seminar no later than Friday 9 May, 2014, with Mr Jozef Schulcz, by emailing: or Mr. Jaroslav Suchan by e-mailing:

We look forward to welcoming you to our seminar.

Upcoming FOUNDATION™ Technology Study Day – Stockport, 13 May, 2014 – Signup Today!

Stockport, UK – 14 April, 2014 – The Fieldbus Foundation UK Marketing Committee (FFUKMC) is finalising its plans for the first of its 2014 schedule of end user events – a FOUNDATION Technology Study Day to be held in Stockport on Tuesday 13 May, 2014.

With a morning session focused on an introduction to FOUNDATION technology, a lunch break with tabletop displays and additional presentations, and an afternoon session offering a more advanced programme, delegates will be able to tailor the day to suit their own requirements. Delegates may choose to attend either the morning or afternoon session or they are welcome to attend both. There is no charge to attend and the lunch and lunchtime sessions are open to all delegates.

Following registration and coffee, the morning session, from 10.00-12.30, will include an introduction to FOUNDATION technology and solutions, and an insight into the lifecycle economics of the system.

The afternoon session, from 13.30-16.00, will present a more in-depth programme of presentations and practical workshops with a focus on supporting a FOUNDATION installation through asset management; device replacement; calibration and recommended maintenance practices.

All registered attendees are invited to the complimentary lunch during which Fieldbus Foundation member companies will be available to discuss and demonstrate their FOUNDATION products and services.

Also available during the lunch break are update presentations on FOUNDATION for Remote Operations Management (F-ROM) and FOUNDATION for Safety Instrumented Functions (FF-SIF).

New for the Stockport Study Day will be a round table discussion about the ‘Roles and Relationship of IT and Security” which is will be open to all attendees and will offer a forum to debate solution networking and data security issues.

Richard Barnes, chairman of the FFUKMC is looking forward to welcoming current or potential end users, system integrators, EPCs, and all personnel with an interest in FOUNDATION fieldbus systems or a need to gain an understanding of the technology. “The FFUKMC has tried and tested this new approach to its end user seminars – we understand the need for differing levels of information to suit individuals in differing roles within the process automation enterprise. The study day format which we adopted for our recent events in London, Aberdeen and Middlesbrough allows everyone to gain high quality information whether it’s at an introductory level or an advanced level. We’ve also listened to feedback from previous attendees and have introduced new topical elements into the agenda”. He continued, “There will also be several opportunities throughout the day for networking with other users and potential users, as well as industry experts and suppliers of the systems, devices and components that make up a FOUNDATION system.”

The event will be held on Tuesday 13 May at the Emerson Process Management offices, Arden Business Centre, Horsfield Way, Bredbury, Stockport, Cheshire SK6 2SU. Delegates are invited to register their names, company, email address and session preferences with the UK Committee, email:

The FOUNDATION Technology Study Days will continue to be held at locations around the UK. The next scheduled event will be announced in due course. Visit the UK events page for more info.


About the Fieldbus Foundation UK Marketing Committee

The FFUKMC was formally established in 1999 to promote an increased awareness and adoption of FOUNDATION™ technology throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland through a range of end user focused activities including technology seminars and roadshows, technical demonstrations and support, and trade show and conference participation.

The FFUKMC membership now includes: ABB, Beamex, Beka Associates, Emerson Process Management, Endress+Hauser, Honeywell, MTL –Cooper Crouse-Hinds, Moore Industries, Pepperl+Fuchs, Rockwell Automation, Rotork, R.Stahl, Smar, Turck, Vega and Yokogawa.

For more information about the Fieldbus Foundation UK Marketing Committee and its activities in the UK and Ireland, visit the FFUKMC webpages of the Fieldbus Foundation’s website, or email


Discussions Between Fieldbus Foundation and HART Communication Foundation Make Significant Progress Towards Potential Merger

HANNOVER, Germany, April 7, 2014 — The Fieldbus Foundation, conducting a press briefing at the 2014 Hannover Messe, today announced significant progress in its discussions with the HART Communication Foundation on the potential for merging the two organisations into a single industry foundation dedicated to the needs of intelligent device communications in the world of process automation.

Following the signing of a memorandum of understanding on September 25, 2013, study teams representing both organisations have been investigating the implications of a merger in terms of: the potential benefits to both end users and suppliers, the organisations themselves, and extensive and often common membership; the possible structures that a combined organisation could take and how it would be integrated; and the exploratory work with regard to due diligence in the financial and legal aspects.

Preliminary evaluations support the combining of the two organisations and confirm that many synergies already exist.

The Fieldbus Foundation and HART Communication Foundation have worked extensively together in the past and have a long history of cooperation. For example, the two organisations worked together on the development of common international standards such as Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) and, most recently, the development of the Field Device Integration (FDI) specification. The merger offers significant potential to harmonise many aspects of the two protocols, making it easier for end users and suppliers to implement the technology and obtain the full benefits of each technology in plant operations and maintenance.

In particular, the harmonisation of the test and registration processes and procedures and the simplified and single access to a shared IP portfolio, would streamline product development, increase efficiencies, and reduce the suppliers’ cost to market.

The chairmen of the two organisations—Dr. Gunther Kegel of the Fieldbus Foundation and Mr. Mark Schumacher of the HART Communication Foundation—issued the following statement on behalf of their Boards of Directors:

“As we move forward with the evaluations, we are increasingly confident that a single organisation will offer significant benefits on all levels. End users would receive the combined power of the two complementary technologies providing a full solution that addresses every conceivable aspect of field communications and intelligent device management for the process industries. For suppliers, a single organisation would create efficiencies in resource utilisation, consistency of processes and procedures, and would deliver significant improvements in member services and support.”

Endorsed by the presidents of the two organisations, Richard J. Timoney of the Fieldbus Foundation and Ted Masters of the HART Communication Foundation, added: “As the study teams conclude their evaluations and due diligence considerations, they will present each board of directors with a report and recommendation. The boards then vote individually whether to proceed or not. Only if both boards vote to proceed will the proposal be put to the member vote in each organisation.”

They continued, “A final decision to merge the two organisations will be the result of a thorough and sound analysis and will represent a major step forward in the evolution of intelligent devices and the world of industrial communications. We look forward to concluding the study phase and eagerly await the outcome of the recommendations”

For more information, download our Frequently Asked Questions document, or contact the Fieldbus Foundation at +1 512.794.8890 or

PHOTOS: Check out some photos from the Field Communication Lounge and the 20th Anniversary Press Conference given by President & CEO of the Fieldbus Foundation, Rich Timoney. Click HERE.

About HART Communication Foundation

The HART Communication Foundation is the technology owner and standards organisation for the HART Communication Protocol. Founded in 1993, the Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit, membership organisation providing support for the HART Communication technology and standards worldwide. The Foundation is supported by a global membership of more than 285 companies. For more information, visit their web site at

About the Fieldbus Foundation

The Fieldbus Foundation is a global not-for-profit corporation consisting of leading process end users and automation companies. Within the Fieldbus Foundation, end users, manufacturers, universities and research organisations work together to develop an automation infrastructure that allows you to view your process in high definition; manage information effectively; and optimise people, processes and technology. For more information, visit their web site at

Hannover Messe 2014 – Fieldbus Foundation Press Conference & Reception Monday 7th April, 2014, at 16.30 hrs

To mark the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the Fieldbus Foundation will be holding a press conference on the co-sponsored Field Communication Lounge, Hall 9, booth D68, at this year’s Hannover Messe, Germany, on Monday 7th April, 2014.

The press conference will start at 16.30hrs and will be followed by a reception at which several senior executives from Fieldbus Foundation member companies, including the world’s leading automation equipment suppliers, will be present and available for discussions.

The press conference will be hosted by Richard Timoney – Fieldbus Foundation President and CEO; Dr. Gunther Kegel – Chairman of the Fieldbus Foundation Board of Directors; and members of the Fieldbus Foundation German Marketing Committee.

Richard Timoney, will reflect on the past twenty years – the advancements of FOUNDATION™ fieldbus technology, the evolving process automation industry and the exciting opportunities for fieldbus technology in the future. Collaboration and integration between the various communications technologies and organisations continues to increase – an update of the key initiatives will be given.

For more information about the Fieldbus Foundation German Marketing Committee and its activities visit the German section of the Fieldbus Foundation website, or email

More information about the Field Communication Lounge at Hannover Messe 2014 can be found at

Lee College Workforce Exhibiting FOUNDATION Fieldbus

It has been some time since we last posted. Apologies are in order as we’ve been hard at work over here at the Fieldbus Foundation making it better and better for all of you guys. Keep the word usability in the back of your mind because it is an important message right now. Nonetheless, let us focus on the subject at hand.

A news piece was recently released by the Observer over in the Lake Houston area on an exhibit that Lee College will be participating at during the 30th annual ISA instrumentation trade show in Pasadena, TX. The trade show will be held from 4-8 p.m., Wednesday, April 2, at the Pasadena Convention Center. Lee College workforce representatives will provide visitors with information on classes now being offered through the FOUNDATION Fieldbus Center. They will also have details about fieldbus staff, instructors and registration opportunities.

For those of you who do not know, Lee College is a member of our FOUNDATION Certified Training Program which is a prestigious program run by the Fieldbus Foundation in order to verify competency and robustness of FOUNDATION training at a particular education site. These sites meet very strict guidelines of vendor neutrality and ensure students get trained on the latest equipment and by the most intelligent competent people. If you’re in the Houston area for this show be darn sure you swing by and talk to the people over at Lee College (they know their stuff!).

Drop in to our FCTP section on our website to learn all there is to know about the FCTP program and to download a Whitepaper on what it means for these institutions to be certified under this program.

We wish the ISA Instrumentation Trade Show the best of luck and hope for a successful show. The industry needs continued participation and interest in our field and it’s great to see some of our own great partners involved in these activities!

You can see the original news story referenced by going here:


Fieldbus Foundation Co-Sponsors Field Communication Lounge at Hannover Messe 2014

The Fieldbus Foundation joins the FDT Group, HART Communication Foundation, ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute, OPC Foundation and PI (PROFIBUS and PROFINET International), to host the fourth co-sponsored Field Communication Lounge exhibit in Hall 9, booth D68, at one of the world’s largest automation trade shows, the 2014 Hannover Messe, Germany, from 7-11 April, 2014.

The Field Communication Lounge creates a single area for visitors to learn about and experience the latest in field communication and integration technologies and to discuss how these technologies work together to deliver powerful results to improve plant operations, safety, energy usage, compliance, quality, performance, and a company’s profitability!

The Lounge provides a common demonstration and display area in which the participating organisations and their members will showcase their individual process and factory automation communication and integration technologies. This combined exhibit concept better aligns with the way in which users often integrate field communication technologies at their own facilities.

Visitors to the Field Communication Lounge will have a central place to:

  • Discuss the leading automation communication protocols and integration technologies – their advantages, applications and their relevance in practice
  • See practical demonstrations of field communication and integration solutions including the FDI technology and the FDT standard that incorporates all networks as well as DTM and FDI configuration methods
  • Find new intelligent field devices, device configuration solutions, asset management and control solutions
  • Experience wireless and integration technologies that lower the cost of new measurements
  • Learn how the information in intelligent field devices can lower cost and improve plant performance

Fatih Denizer, chairman – Fieldbus Foundation German Marketing Committee, is looking forward again to welcoming visitors to the Field Communication Lounge. “This joint concept by the leading technology organisations was first introduced at the 2011 Hannover Fair and has been adopted at each Hannover Fair since. As each year passes, a central pavilion for all the communication technologies makes more and more sense as integration and collaboration increases. The original core group of four partnering organisations has now increased to six!”

This year, 2014, marks the 20th anniversary of the Fieldbus Foundation and its FOUNDATION™ fieldbus digital process automation communications technology. During the Hannover Fair 2014, a press conference and reception, on Monday 7th April at 16.30 hrs on the Field Communication Lounge, will offer a forum for Richard Timoney, Fieldbus Foundation President and CEO, to reflect on the past twenty years – the advancements of fieldbus technology, the evolving process automation industry and the exciting opportunities for fieldbus technology in the future.

Timoney comments, “Twenty years ago the Fieldbus Foundation was launched by a group of visionaries who saw additional ways to advance approaches to solve application and control problems. At that time the various protocols were viewed in a competitive light but today we see those same protocols in one booth here at the Hannover Fair.” He continues, “Our industry since that time has recognised the complementary nature of the protocols as they relate to applications and control in ‘fit, form and function’. Not only do we share a common booth but we have also developed significant solutions through collaboration between the organisations for a single aim – such as standardisation of EDDL and the soon-to-be-released FDI solution that provides a common platform for device integration for the disparate protocols and approaches.”

The Fieldbus Foundation Technology Kiosk will feature devices and technology solutions from: ABB, Beamex, Bürkert, Emerson Process Management, Endress+Hauser, Heinrich Messtechnik, Pepperl+Fuchs, Phoenix Contact, R. Stahl, Samson, Softing and Yokogawa.

For more information about the Fieldbus Foundation German Marketing Committee and its activities visit the Fieldbus Foundation’s website, or email

More information about the Field Communication Lounge can be found at

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