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Emerson Automating New Lubrizol Additives Facility in China with Fieldbus

FOUNDATION fieldbus continues to be installed in large capital projects all over the world.  Here is a recent announcement from Emerson Process Management on a new Lubrizol Additives facility in China that has significant fieldbus content.

Main Automation Contractor (MAC): Emerson Automating New Lubrizol Additives Facility in China

Reliance Eyes Big Cost Savings from New Technology

Some recent news hit the press in India on about FOUNDATION for ROM. The news piece was written following the Automation 2013 Mumbai Conference in India.

A brief yet thorough write up on the article can be found on dna’s website here:

The event was a great success overall. In fact, Larry did a good write up right here in the blog about it on October 2nd. Click here:

You can also find more about F_ROM by visiting our ROM webpage HERE

InTech Case Study on Fieldbus for Steam Drain Control

There is an interesting case study in this month’s InTech about using FOUNDATION fieldbus that discusses using a mixed environment of conventional devices and fieldbus devices in a steam drain control application.  the case study also talks about extensive use of fieldbus function blocks and was a collaborative effort between John Petzen of GE and Fieldbus Foundation.

From the article:

“Fieldbus-enabled valves are available that have extended capability, including the capability to interrogate external switches. While these were intended for use with external limit switches for valve position, these valve capabilities provide an interesting solution to the drain-valve control problem laid out above. The level switches can be wired to the valve controller, and switch position can be reported back to the control system using discrete input blocks. While this allows the wiring reduction typically associated with digital device installation, it avoids the higher device and installation cost of level transmitters. “

 Fieldbus for steam-drain control: Combining simple devices and fieldbus devices in a common system

New Fieldbus Valves for Shanghai SECCO

Shanghai SECCO, which is one of the larger FOUNDATION fieldbus installations on the planet, has ordered even more FOUNDATION fieldbus control valves, according to a recent press release by Emerson Process Management. From the press release:

“SECCO is the largest integrated chemical facility in China. The complex includes a naptha-fed ethylene cracker and ten downstream derivative plants with thousands of control valves of different brands, types and sizes. Temperature fluctuations in the process caused high variability in the end product which, combined with vibration of the pipeline, often led to damage and replacement of the positioners on these valves.  After SECCO engineers and Fisher valve specialists from Emerson discussed ways to address this problem, SECCO decided to replace the facility’s positioners with Emerson’s Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6200f digital valve positioner.”

You can read the entire press release here.  SECCO predicts the new valve order will save them $40,000 a year in maintenance costs, in addition to what they are saving already with their many fieldbus devices.

New Emerson FOUNDATION Fieldbus FPSO Project Win

Emerson Process Management recently announced a new project win with BP for an offshore Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading (FPSO) vessel, which will form part of BP’s North Sea Quad project.  From the press release:

“On the heels of being named BP’s automation contractor of choice for offshore oil and gas operations in the North Sea, Emerson Process Management has been awarded a $21 million contract to provide integrated control and safety systems for a new BP floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel. The new vessel, which will replace the existing Schiehallion FPSO, forms part of the North Sea Quad 204 project that will access the remaining hydrocarbon reservoirs in the Schiehallion and Loyal fields, located approximately 130 kilometers west of Shetland, UK.”

The integrated Emerson solution will use Emerson’s PlantWeb™ digital plant architecture, including its DeltaV™ digital automation system and DeltaV SIS™ process safety system, and AMS Suite predictive maintenance software. The DeltaV system will control and monitor platform operations using FOUNDATION fieldbus and HART® communication technologies. Advanced process control software functionality within DeltaV will optimize facility performance, production and yield. The DeltaV SIS system will perform process and emergency shutdown functions, if needed, plus control fire and gas detection systems to enable secure control of oil production on the platform.”

FPSOs area great application for fieldbus because of extremely restrictive space requirements, and there are many success stories related to fieldbus and FPSOs.  You can access a previous BP presentation on FOUNDATION fieldbus in FPSO applications here.

Press Release: Emerson awarded multimillion-dollar contract to provide automation technologies, services for new BP FPSO

Emerson Provides FOUNDATION Fieldbus for Jubilant Life Sciences Plants in Gujarat

Emerson Process Management has announced a major FOUNDATION fieldbus win for the Life Sciences industry in India. We have blogged here before about the value of FOUNDATION fieldbus in life sciences application, especially when it comes to things like traceability and validation. The ability of fieldbus devices to store information about themsleves and the process in a way that is digtally time stamped and managed in a block structure can be a huge benefit. 

From the news release:

“The flexibility and ease of use of the DeltaV system meets the complex production needs of Jubilant, making it ideal for the company’s critical pharmaceutical processes. The three DeltaV systems communicate with numerous field devices using FOUNDATION Fieldbus technology.
Emerson’s AMS Suite software was used during installation of measurement and control devices to help reduce costs and improve device startup efficiency. Jubilant Life Sciences will use the software’s predictive maintenance capabilities on an ongoing basis to further increase the availability and performance of the plant.”

Business Wire India Article: Emerson Provides State-of-the-Art Process Automation Technologies for Jubilant Life Sciences Plants in Gujarat

Broadley-James Uses FOUNDATION Fieldbus on their Bioreactor Control Systems

There is an excellent post by Emerson Process Experts blogger Jim Cahill on the use of FOUNDATION fieldbus in life sciences applications.  In this case an end user applied the technology to Broadley-James Bionet bioreactor control systems. It’s not something we discuss enough in the fieldbus community, but we have a huge installed base in the life sciences industry. Many aspects of FOUNDATION fieldbus make the technology a great fit for batch and hybrid applications in the regulated industries.

From the post:

“Automation is not something within the normal realm of biochemists in the lab environment. The palettes of tools within the DeltaV system around control and information is something that streamlined the prior workflow. This was especially the case around trending and historical data reporting.

The Broadley-James Bionet bioreactor control system is based on a DeltaV controller. The vessels are instrumented with sensors and actuators communicating via Foundation Fieldbus and DeviceNet digital communications technology.”

 DeltaV on Laboratory Bioreactors

Emerson Wins Big FOUNDATION Fieldbus Contract with BP

Emerson Process Management was recently awarded a $23 million contract by BP “to supply integrated control and safety systems for two new bridge-linked platforms for the Clair Ridge project.” Located in the North Sea, Clair Ridge is being developed by BP and co-venturers ConocoPhillips, Chevron and Shell. Emerson will serve as both automation supplier and Main Automation Contractor (MAC) for the project.  The installation will combine FOUNDATION fieldbus with Emerson’s wireless technologies, and is part of BP’s Field of the Future® program that will enhance recoverable reserves and boost operational efficiency.

Emerson Process Management Wins Fieldbus Project with Azerbaijan International Operating Company

Azerbaijan International Operating Company, operated by BP, has awarded a major offshore automation contract to Emerson Process Management that includes FOUNDATION fieldbus. According to the press release:

Emerson is the Main Automation Contractor for the project and will deliver a variety of technologies and services. The company’s PlantWeb(TM) digital plant architecture — including Foundation fieldbus communications, digital automation systems, asset management software, and intelligent field devices — will provide process control and access to management information. Its network of intelligent transmitters and valve positioners will deliver continuous process and equipment health information to identify potential problems before they affect operations. 

We have been saying for the past year that upstream oil and gas is one of the fastest growing markets for fieldbus, just as it is for overall process automation.  FOUNDATION fieldbus, however, addresses many of the unique concerns that the oil and gas industry has, especially when it comes to our work with Remote Operations Management.  Offshore Magazine has a good article on the Chirag Oil Project and what it entails.

Press Release: Emerson to Help Azerbaijan International Operating Company Enhance Safety and Efficiency of Offshore Oil Platform in Caspian Sea

FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Careers, and Projects

More and more employers in the process automation business are looking for people with experience in FOUNDATION technology. is a Canadian job search engine.  When you type Foundation Fieldbus into their search bar, you uncover a significant number of positons, most of them available in Calgary or Fort McMurray.  Positions range from instrumentation technicians and engineers to project engineers, account managers, and many others.  All are looking for people with experience in FOUNDATION Fieldbus.  This is also an indicator of the revived fieldbus projects business, which went into recession along with the entire process automation business in 2009. 

Even more encouraging is the fact that the recovery is spurring modernization efforts that were delayed by many of the major end users in North America and Western Europe.  We are starting to see large end users including a significant amount of FOUNDATION Fieldbus content in their migration project, such as this recent success story by Maverick Technologies and their work with a major US refiner.

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