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(Update) User Demand Drives Pace for Record Product Registration. Major Milestone Achieved – 1,000 Registered Products!

As many of our readers may recall, we wrote a blog post back in September of this year detailing the massive user demand driving unprecedented numbers of product registrations. We were on track for a record year, and we’re here to tell you today…the record has been broken.

2014 has seen three major product registration achievements surpassed in the month of December, and one of them has been standing for 13 years!

Rather than drag on about how fantastic FOUNDATION technology is and how these record numbers prove its digital dominance, let’s jump into the “meat” of the story and reveal the three achievements. We would classify two of them as major achievements, and the third as a major milestone.

Achievement #1 – Largest Number of New Product Registrations Ever!

Eclipsing the previously held record is no small feat, but nonetheless it was eclipsed. In 2014, the Fieldbus Foundation registered 63 new product registrations. The most in the 20 year history of the Fieldbus Foundation. This is an achievement the Fieldbus Foundation, its members and the process automation industries at large should be proud of. After years of dedication and advancement of arguably the most robust digital technology on the market, it still continues to grow and expand to meet and exceed the needs of process industry users. Without the strong member support, and the worldwide acceptance and adoption from the end user community, FOUNDATION technology would not be able to reach goals like this.

This particular achievement owes much of its success to the continued expansion of our membership and to the continued development of exciting new FOUNDATION capable devices. When new members and more FOUNDATION capable solutions are combined, the results can be impressive.

Achievement #2 – Largest Number of Product Re-Registered Ever!

This achievement is another shining example of the worldwide acceptance of FOUNDATION Fieldbus and its continued use in the process automation industry. In 2014, the Fieldbus Foundation re-registered 40 products. As the needs of users across the world evolves and changes, so too has FOUNDATION Fieldbus and that fact is represented in the product re-registration numbers. Just like the 2014 new registration numbers, the re-registrations are the highest in the Fieldbus Foundation’s 20 year history.

Product re-registrations represent a plethora of enhancements from re-visioning through ITK testing to functional enhancements to usability improvements designed to make the user experience much simpler and more intuitive. Overall, 2014 was the most successful total product registration year that the Fieldbus Foundation has ever had and a big thanks goes to all of our supporters across the globe.

Achievement #3 – Major Milestone Achieved with 1,000th Product Registration

Reaching a major milestone in the Fieldbus Foundation’s history, it recently registered the 1,000th FOUNDATION Fieldbus product. What a truly impressive milestone to pass for the organization and its all thanks to our robust industry leading Registration Program. The thorough interoperability testing that the Fieldbus Foundation puts each and every device through is the corner stone to the success FOUNDATION Fieldbus has had in the industry. It has helped ensure proper communication and robust network interaction across the whole process automation infrastructure.

In true form to the Fieldbus Foundation’s mission to provide an automation infrastructure for open, scalable integration of disparate instruments and technologies, the 1,000th device registration happened to be from one of our longest standing members, Softing AG. Even more telling, the device is one that exactly sums up what FOUNDATION Fieldbus has always been about; Integration. Softing’s device, as if from some insight from “the beyond”, is dubbed FFEasy HART and is a hardware device that can be easily integrated into existing HART devices in order to turn them into FOUNDATION compatible devices. Simply put, the purpose of Softing’s FFeasy solution is to significantly reduce the implementation effort to enable a non-native (by original design) fieldbus device to communicate via FOUNDATION Fieldbus. Big thanks to Softing on helping the Fieldbus Foundation achieve such a great milestone.

Softing's FBK-2

Softing’s FBK-2

The Fieldbus Foundation’s surprise 20th birthday present (or should I say presents?) is the perfect way to close out the final year of the Fieldbus Foundation as it transitions into the new FieldComm Group with its industry associate HART Communication Foundation at its side.

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